9 Successful People You Never Realized Were Libertarian

successful libertarians

9. Trey Parker and Matt Stone

The iconic creators of South Park, one of the most successful shows in television history, the Tony-award winning Book of Mormon, and multiple movies have spent their careers poking fun at religion, celebrities and politicians of both parties.

In one of their most famous episodes, during the 2004 presidential election, the South Park boys had to choose between a giant douche and turd sandwich for class president and also poked fun at P. Diddy’s ridiculous “Vote or Die” campaign. Despite objections from Comedy Central, they insisted on making multiple episodes depicting the Prophet Muhammad in defense of free speech.

In a lengthy interview with Reason Magazine, Parker and Stone discuss growing up in Colorado in the 1980s, their contrarian nature and why they came to reject left and right and settle on libertarian by default. “The show is saying that there is a middle ground, that most of us actually live in this middle ground, and that all you extremists are the ones who have the microphones because you’re the most interesting to listen to,” Parker says. “Maybe it takes a fourth grader to point out how wrong Michael Moore and Donald Rumsfeld both are.”

Stone recently told the Guardian that he is “pro-gay and pro-gun,” and in summing up South Park‘s philosophy, famously said, “I hate conservatives … but I f***ing hate liberals.”