Surprise!: Netflix is Raising It’s Prices On All Of Its Users, And We Bet They Didn’t Even Bother to Tell You

For those of us who used Netflix before it was cool, we’ve been enjoying a grandfathered subscription price of $7.99 instead of the now standard $9.99.

But no longer.

Starting next month, we’ll be paying the same price as the rest of the rabble. Right now, more than 17 million customers are on the reduced rate, so Netflix is bound to make a pretty penny from the new rate.

Didn’t know about the price increase? Apparently most of us didn’t. A survey by JP Morgan found that 80% of affected Netflix subscribers have no idea that their prices are about to increase. Those of us who did know are pretty pissed:


To be fair, though. That’s still cheaper than most competitors, excluding Amazon Video. And per hour, Netflix costs customers 9 cents an hour, while a traditional pay TV package runs about 30 cents per hour.

They should probably have done a better job letting us all know, though. Since JP Morgan found that 15% of users will nix their subscription in response to the change.

This article originally appeared on Distractify.