Teacher Has Illicit ‘Sext’ Messages Printed and Posted Around School

Sexting is a tricky business. Unless you completely trust the person you’re messaging, there’s always at least a slim chance that your messages could be being shared around the recipient’s office, WhatsApp group chat, or local bar.

What you don’t expect, however, is for your messages to be stolen, printed out, and distributed around your place of work for the entire world to see. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to social studies teacher Angela Costa recently, and she’s now suing her school for harassment.

sexting teacher

Students at Urban Action Academy in Brooklyn hacked into the teacher’s intimate Facebook messages, which she’d exchanged with her now ex-boyfriend back in 2015. The students then made color photocopies of the messages and spread them throughout the entire building.

In one of the messages, Costa thanked her lover for giving her “a couple of orgasms”, something which you certainly wouldn’t want your entire school to know about.

On the advice of the teacher’s union, Costa filed a police report on the incident. The police have since filed it as an aggravated harassment case. In a letter to her union rep, Costa wrote:

“I no longer feel safe in the building and would like to be transferred to a different work environment where harassment/bullying is not tolerated. The very fact that it took five days for the school to report the incident, and knowing they never interviewed any staff or students and did not conduct a proper investigation, makes me fearful to return to work because my own administration and deans are not there to protect me.”

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.