Team Celebrates With One Second Left On Clock, But What Happens in That Last Second Is Utterly Devastating

One of the best things about sport is that it throws up all sorts of surprises, and one of the golden rules is never celebrate until you’ve actually won. With both of those things in mind, let me tell you about Burrillville High School went through on Sunday. Thinking they had won after sinking a jump-shot in the dying seconds, the team erupted into celebration, throwing the ball away joyously.

In their haste though they didn’t spot the opposition team, Chariho,  grab the ball and call a timeout. With one second left to win the game, the Chariho coach called the perfect play and his team stole the Championship from right under Burrillville’s noses. Heartbreaking stuff.

As a man who lives for the romance that sport provides, I’m not sure I would have been able to cope with such a crippling defeat. Sport is fantastic, until you have to experience something as cruel as that.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.