Terrifying Footage Shows Seattle Protesters Violently Attacking Police

A protest turned ugly when rather than continuing in peace, protesters decided to start throwing rocks, bricks, and molotov cocktails at police officers. According to Fox News:

“Seattle police said late Sunday that five officers were injured after anti-capitalist protesters pelted them with rocks, flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails after a May Day gathering in the city turned violent.

The department said one of the injured officers was treated for a head laceration after being hit by a rock; a second was injured, but not burned after being hit by a Molotov cocktail; and a third was bitten, though it was not immediately clear by whom. Details on the other two officers’ injuries weren’t immediately available. The station reported that several of the demonstrators carried signs, including one that said,  “We Are Ungovernable.”

The group had gathered on May Day to protest capitalism. We’re really not sure what exactly they were protesting, since we’re guessing they didn’t steal the materials they used to make their molotov cocktails, and we’re definitely assuming they didn’t make their own clothes either.

Police used blast balls – firework-like balls that emit a loud bang and pepper – on the protesters to little effect. At least 5 of the officers were seriously injured, and 9 of the protesters have been arrested.

The mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, denounced the protesters for their actions. “It is unfortunate and deeply regrettable that in a city that goes to incredible lengths to respect First Amendment rights, there are some who disregard our values and engage in senseless acts of violence and property destruction,” the mayor commented in a statement. “This city condemns any acts of physical violence against our police officers, and my thoughts are with the officers who were injured.”