Texas Man Protests Massive Ticket Fee By Paying the Whole Thing Off in Pennies

A Texas man who got busted driving nine miles per hour over the speed limit paid his fine entirely in pennies – as an act of protest against what he thought was ‘extortion’.

Brett Sanders, of Frisco, took his case to trial after going at 39 mph instead of 30 in his neighborhood.

But he lost and a jury decided he should pay a $212 fine.

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Sanders, a full-time IT professional and a first and second amendment activist, gathered thousands of pennies to honor his debt.

‘For me, it’s a protest. It’s what’s right versus wrong. I didn’t hurt anybody. I didn’t endanger anybody’s life,’ Sanders told NBC 5.

‘When my fine came due I decided I might as well pay with pennies and make a big spectacle of it.’

He hammered the coins out of their paper casings in the garage of his home and spray-painted thw words ‘extortion money’ on two large buckets.

A Youtube video shows Sanders shoveling the pennies into the buckets before driving to the municipal court.

He asks the clerk whether the court accepts exact change, and when she confirms, tells her he has to go get the money from his truck and that he’ll be right back.

Sanders can be seen carrying the two heavy buckets into the court building.

‘You’re in luck – I found exact change,’ he says before emptying the two buckets on the counter – despite the clerk’s pleading.

He walks out with the two empty buckets dangling from his arms, telling the woman: ‘Just mail me the receipt!’

The video has received more than 44,900 views and almost 600 comments so far.

One of the comments, which has received the most likes, call Sanders’ actions ‘illogical’.

‘You exceeded the speed limit and are now upset with being fined for doing so, so you take it out on someone who has nothing to do with your case. This is why it’s illogical,’ the comment states.

‘The matter should be taken up with those who implemented these laws. I can assume the very reason you’ve paid your fines in pennies was to inconvenience them, perhaps in the hopes they don’t give you anymore fines.

‘But the truth is, the people who make the laws laugh at videos like these, because you inconvenience them in no way at all.

‘All you did was make the job harder for a woman who is just working a job, possibly to provide for a family.’

It is not against the rules to pay a fine using pennies, but city staff told NBC 5 they wouldn’t encourage people to do it.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.