This Texas Town Elected a Pro-Marijuana Mayor, So Everyone Quit Their Jobs In Protest


The citizens of the city of Whitewright, TX — population 1,604 — knew exactly what they were getting when they elected Jeremiah Looney as their Mayor earlier this month.  A combat Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq and who now advocates for the rights of veterans to use medical marijuana, Mayor Looney has admitted to self-medicating with cannabis and fights for the rights of other patients to do the same.

But several city leaders are unimpressed with the “will of the people” and have chosen to resign instead of serving under someone who has promised to reduce the harm done to patients by the war on cannabis. On Friday the city lost its police chief, city secretary, city judge, clerk of court and utility clerk over Looney’s election. Former Whitewright city secretary Beth Woodson told KXII Channel 12 that she resigned from her position because she “morally and ethically can’t work for the new mayor because of his stance on marijuana”.

Mayor Looney, a Whitewright native, says he had no plans to fire any city employees upon taking office and that he gave them the opportunity to keep their jobs.  “My vision for how it should run is just everybody getting along”.

Despite his outspoken cannabis activism (or perhaps BECAUSE of it) Mayor Looney garnered 56% of the votes in the most recent election, which means that the city personnel who chose to resign rather than serve the people of Whitewright should definitely not let the door hit them in the ass on their way out.

See Mayor Looney’s recent speech at the May 7 DFW NORML Global Marijuana March below:

This article originally appeared on Southern Cannabis.


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