Spot the Crime – Man Manages to Capture a Robbery on Camera. Would You Have Noticed?

After a trip to Thailand, a man claims to have captured a rare moment on film with his girlfriend as the centerpiece. Unfortunately, it’s not the incredible scenery or the massive dragon statue behind her that caught his attention.

That honor belongs to the two adorable young girls standing next to her. Dressed in traditional Thai costumes, these girls offer to have their pictures taken with any tourist who strolls up and finds them as adorable as you might. They’re more than just adorable, though – they’re also thieves.

thai time 02

After visiting the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai, a northern province of Thailand, a man snapped a shot of his girlfriend standing with the young girls. When they reviewed the photo later, they realized something bizarre – one of the girls appears to be unclasping her watch.

Sure enough, the wrist watch had been missing since the couple’s Thailand trip, and it was only after returning home that they realized they had been bamboozled.

thai time 01

The man posted the image to Reddit to get the internet’s take on it.┬áThousands of people commented on the thread, including Reddit users who began sharing their own pictures of the two girls from their trips.

One tourist said he must have dodged a bullet as he made a last minute decision not to have a photograph with the pair.

‘Holy c**p! I was tempted to ask for a photo with them when we saw them at the temple but didn’t want to be ‘that tourist’ and was also worried that their momager who was lingering around might scream at me for money if I went near them.’

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Some commented on what they called the girls’ technique, noting they touched their target in several places ‘so she didn’t notice her watch being snatched’.

‘Notice how the thief is touching her hand in several places? It’s a pickpocket technique so that the mark gets accustomed to being touched by the thief and stops registering all of the touches.’

However, there may be more to it than that. Others said the girls were likely poor and were possibly stealing to make a living for their family.

‘A thousand plus people visit that site daily. I’m pretty sure those girls are dressed up to simply take pictures with tourists for tips. It’s probably the family’s income.’