Thief Steals a Yacht Worth $3 MILLION, Instantly Proves to be One of the World’s Dumbest Criminals

I’m sure the owner of this 80-foot Hatteras Yacht worth $3.2 million is LIVID, but frankly I’m just impressed at the sheer level of stupidity this would-be thief displayed. He managed to board the multi-million dollar yacht, crash it into multiple other boats (and docks), then partially sink the boat, all without ever leaving the marina.

This incident took place earlier this week in South Florida (Miami Beach to be exact) but it got lost in the shuffle of all the Hurricane Matthew news. The thief got away and still remains at large, which is just salt in the wounds of that boat owner.

We’re not sure how a thief stupid enough to steal a yacht and crash it immediately manages to get away after destroying his getaway vehicle, but apparently it’s possible. There are 8 different types of intelligence, after all – maybe this guy’s “how to escape from your own disasters” intelligence is through the roof.

With any hope, the owner took out an insurance policy on his yacht. If not, he’s looking at a pretty hefty bill if he wants his yacht back.