The Top 10 Fattest States in America

Americans needs to slim down and take better care of themselves. It is a fact that is reported in the news on a yearly basis, and it is one that is based on multiple pieces of information. Back in September of 2015, The State of Obesity updated its list of adult obesity rates by states in the country. The data that is presented is alarming in many ways, and things may even actually be worse than what is offered by the website. The State of Obesity made sure to point out that the body mass index numbers may be inaccurate “because people tend to underreport their weight and exaggerate their height.”

In total, 20 of the 50 states and also the District of Columbia registered adult obesity rates of at least 30.2 percent. 17 different states managed to exceed that mark. Every state that is mentioned among the 10 supposed “fattest states in America” were responsible for adult obesity rates of over 32 percent, and the top three states checked in with obesity rates of over 35 percent. While hitting out at “body shamers” has become a common practice on the Internet, and for legitimate reasons, it is not offensive to suggest that people living in the United States as a whole need to make smarter choices about what we eat and also about how much we exercise on a weekly basis. Written by, here are the fattest states in America.

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10. South Carolina: 32.1 Percent Adult Obesity Rate

This number comes with both good and bad news about residents living in the state of South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health, the state was seventh in the country for obesity back in 2013. The amount of obese individuals living in South Carolina at that time was 31.7 percent, though, and the data from the fall of 2015 suggests that number has again risen. To compare, North Carolina checked in with a 29.7 percent adult obesity rate. That put North Carolina at No. 24 on a list of the fattest states in America.