Trump Completely Burns Hillary After Posting This Video She Does NOT Want You To See

I’m not here to politically pander to any of you, or endorse any candidate for POTUS one way or the other. I’m here to give you the story, and the story today is the Donald Trump just landed a massive, metaphorical haymaker smack-dab on Hillary Clinton’s face with his newest “campaign video.”

Trump tweeted out the video to his followers, directing them to his Instagram account:

The video is a direct attack on the former Secretary of State’s handling and alleged responsibility in the Benghazi attacks, and goddamn, it’s scathing. Hillary’s face laughing amidst the backdrop of the embassy in flames scathing. If you want to fast forward to that scene, it takes place right after a supercut of interviews with some of the families affected by the horrible tragedy.


Hillary has bad judgment!


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