Trump Stops Rally After Hearing Vulgar Insult – Then Singles Out the Pottymouth For a Laugh

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Donald Trump‘s final New Hampshire primary rally generated new controversy Monday night when a woman in the crowd called rival Republican candidate Ted Cruz a vulgar name – a ‘p***y’ – and The Donald stopped his event to make sure thousands of people heard the insult.

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Trump was recounting a moment during Saturday night’s debate when he disagreed with Cruz, a Texas senator, by advocating for the return of waterboarding to the CIA’s terror-fighting interrogation toolbox.

‘You heard the other night at the debate,’ Trump said, ‘they asked Ted Cruz a serious question: “Well, what do you think about waterboarding? Is it okay?” And honestly I thought he’d say, “Absolutely.”

‘And he didn’t. He said, “Well, it’s …” You know, he’s concerned about the answer, because some people–.’

Stopping abruptly, Trump pointed to a woman in the crowd near his podium at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. 

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‘She just said a terrible thing,’ Trump boomed, pointing a second time at the unseen audience member. ‘You know what she said? Shout it out, because I don’t want to say [it].’

Hearing something from her, he turned back to face thousands assembled to hear him make his final pitch for votes on Tuesday.

‘Okay, you’re not allowed to say – and I never expect to hear that from you again!’ Trump blared, sounding more insistent.

And with an imaginary crescendo to match the climax of the Puccini opera aria in his pre-show playlist, he made the big reveal.

‘She said – I never expect to hear that from you again! – She said he’s a pussy,’ Trump said. ‘That’s terrible. Terrible!’

The showman played his multitudes like a string orchestra, and in moments they were roaring and chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’

‘Terrible! That’s terrible!’ he said again, now laughing along with them.

‘What kind of people do I have here, okay? What do I have?’ Trump asked, feigning shock.

The billionaire Republican front-runner quickly fell into a routine that he has adopted to deal with objectionable language flung from the mouths of his saltier groupies.

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He recalled a September campaign episode in Rochester, New Hampshire involving a man who asked during a Q&A session why the U.S. couldn’t ‘get rid of’ Muslims – and suggested that their numbers included President Barack Obama.

‘Not so long ago, not so far from here, I had a group of people, we were doing question and answer, and somebody came up with a pretty tough statement about Obama, and the press got very angry because I didn’t defend the president. Remember?’

‘I took a lot of heat. And I didn’t reprimand the person that said it,’ he remembered.

And then, wearing a wry expression, Trump slipped into the role of the wrist-slapper.

‘I just want to tell you right now: Ma’am, you’re reprimanded, okay?’

‘Can she stay? Can she stay?’ he asked the cheering throngs. ‘Yeah!’ they fed him in return.

‘You’re reprimanded,’ he repeated. ‘So, for the press,  this is a serious reprimand – just so the press knows.’

The Cruz campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.