Trump’s Voicemails Have Been Leaked to the Public, and They’re VERY Embarrassing

Have Donald Trumps election hopes just been derailed? In recent weeks its looked increasingly likely that he would secure enough votes to lead the Republican party into the upcoming election. However Anonymous may have thrown a spanner in the works by hacking the businessman’s phone and posting the leaked messages online.

The voicemails could prove troublesome for the controvercial politician, because they appear to show him cozying up to the left wing, liberal press. Trumps whole campaign strategy has been based on right wing views, but there has been a long held suspicion that he is a lefty at heart and his whole persona during the campaign has been a facade.

News and gossip site Gawker published three minutes of the voicemails that are believed to have been obtained by members of the 4chan message board. Gawker wrote that, although they cannot ‘independently verify their authenticity’, the recordings ‘certainly appear to be genuine.’

Trump constantly lambasts the left-wing press in public, but behind closed doors these messages appear to show that he has an incredibly close relationship with them. The audio clips appear to feature MSNBC news anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall. They heap praise on the presidential candidate for donating a large sum to a charity event.

Brzezinski can be heard thanking Trump, before Scarborough says:

We are so, so grateful for everything, Donald, and we just want to call you and tell you how much it means to us

MSNBC is one of Americas most left leaning broadcasting companies, so it would be a surprise to many that Trump is making such large donations to one of its associated charities.

In another one of the voicemails MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, can be heard saying she was going to use Trump’s discount in a luxury clothing store. She said:

I celebrated by going to Gucci, and I’m going to use your discount, because there’s a green dress that’s like $3,000, and I need a discount bigger than… my discount.”

This is the latest in a long line of leaks for Mr Trump. They have come after Anonymous declared war on the politician when he stated that he wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. For many of the electorate this new information will confirm that Trump is not who he says he is, but is it too late to derail his ambition of getting to The White House?