USA vs Canada: Bald Eagle Takes On Canadian Goose In Epic Display

Countries have been representing themselves with national animals for hundreds of years. Even before that, kingdoms would don crests that bared dragons, griffins, or horses to show their united strength. Today, all of that has come to fruition and gone from representation to real life.

In Vancouver, photographer Lisa Bell came across a dogfight for the ages when she saw a bald eagle, the symbol of America, take on a Canadian goose. A very rare sight, Bell set to work and perfectly captured the battle on film.

The pictures are spectacular. And I do mean spectacular. Check out the shots below.

eagles 02

eagle 04

eagle 03

eagle 01

eagle 05

According to Bell, the Canadian goose escaped mostly unscathed, so if you were feeling bad for Canada, no need to worry. Besides, their official animal is the beaver, so this eagle will need to take on another opponent before being crowned the king of all nations. Ah well, amurica!