Video Shows You How To Break Into Your Car in Just 10 Seconds

We’ve all been there: you return to your vehicle from a quick run to the grocery store with an arm full of groceries only to realize that you don’t have your car keys. In fact, you can see them sitting on the driver’s seat in plain view. Typically, a mistake like this would ruin your day, or even your week if you can’t find a duplicate key.

While newer car models have reinvented the key to prevent this unfortunate situation from happening by introducing electronic models, there is still hope if you managed to lock yourself out of an older car. The only thing you need is a string (and door lock knobs that have at least a little bit of curve to them). ┬áCheck out the video above to see how it’s done, and please don’t use this to break into other peoples cars. Knowledge is power, but it’s much better used for good than evil.

If you don’t believe this video, here’s another example of a guy – albeit much more clumsily – doing the same thing with a newer car model than seen in the video above.