People Are PISSED About This Walmart’s 9/11 Coca Cola Display

With 9/11 fast approaching we are starting to see all sorts of memorials and remembrances of that terrible day in American history.

Unfortunately, commercializing your remembrance using soda products that you are selling is probably not the best way to honor the fallen.

This is something the Walmart in Panama City Beach, Florida found out the hard way when they created this monstrosity…

C’mon, Florida, indeed. Even the banner has the logos of both Coca-Cola as well as Walmart on it as if the can display wasn’t callous enough. A Walmart spokesperson promised that the display would be removed.

Charles Crowson, a spokesman for Walmart, told Orlando Weekly that the 9/11 display, which was located inside a Panama City Walmart, is currently being taken down.

Crowson also let us know that Coke typically approaches Walmart with display ideas, and they either approve or deny it. In this case, Walmart approved the 9/11 display.

Needless to say, in this day and age of social media, people were quick to express their displeasure.

This article originally appeared on BroBible.