Wannabe Drug Dealer Tries to Act Tough to Get His Money, Gets What’s Coming To Him

Drug dealing has grown ever more glamorous in the last decade. With shows like Weeds and Breaking Bad showcasing the high life of selling drugs, it’s more than just bums and thugs who have taken to jumping on board.

Teens and college students often start selling drugs as a way to make some quick cash while they’re off the tax radar, and while it can certainly be a lucrative career, it is not an easy one. Unfortunately, no matter how many shows outline just how bad an idea it is to get into drug king pin territory, there will always be dumb ass teens who want to be the next Walter White.

However, if you’ve decided that being a drug dealer is the ideal career path for you, there are two rules you should always abide by. 1) Get the money upfront. 2) Have protection.

This amateur dealer didn’t follow either of those rules. He tried to get the cash owed to him but no one had anything to pay him with. He tries to straight up threaten to beat the hell out of everyone if no one pays. When a bystander steps in to tell him to calm down, he becomes the dealer’s target.  Big mistake. Turns out to be a terrible idea, and the dealer gets his just desserts. He should probably take this as a sign to get out of the game before he gets really hurt.