WATCH: 74-Year-Old Bernie Sanders is Feeling the Bern After Embarrassing Train Mishap

For many millennials, Bernie Sanders would appear to be a beacon of hope in a presidential race full of bullies, war mongers, and morons. Unfortunately, if any of them bothered to check out his economic policy, they might change their tune. We’re all for the mega-wealthy paying their fair share of taxes (Donald Trump’s economic plan would actually tax them even more aggressively), but many of his initiatives seem out-right delusional – where the hell does he plan to find the money for this country to provide free college for every 18 year old who feels like being a liberal arts major for 2 semesters in this nation?

But I digress.

Anyway, while Sanders appears to do no wrong for young and hopeful students, we now have video evidence that suggests otherwise.

Behold! Sanders running for a train he appears to be very late for.

Ok, so this is clearly just silly, but it’ll definitely give you a chuckle. If you want an even bigger chuckle, check out Sanders’ economic policy.