WATCH: Incredible Police Officer Sacrifices Himself To Save a Young Boy’s Life

There’s a lot that can be said about police officers. Especially given what’s been going on in the world recently, it’s easy to point the finger at corruption we see within the profession and attribute it to every officer who takes the job.

Fortunately, it looks like there still are a few dedicated individuals who know the first rule of being a public servant: serve your country. In Belarus, officer Sergei Batalko has shown what it means to give your life to serve the people of your community.

In this dash cam footage recorded in the city of Vitebsk, a young boy can be seen walking across the street with a police officer, Batalko, as his escort. Suddenly, the officer reaches out to grab the child, pulling him back instinctively and moving the boy behind him, sacrificing himself to the van. He takes the brunt of the van himself, but thanks to the way he turned, he slides off the hood with the boy in front of him.

Though downed initially, the Batalko stands back up again, ready to confront the speedster in the van. He apparently only sustained a bruise to his leg, but he’s lucky more didn’t happen to him or the child. This is the kind of person we want protecting our children, because with this video as evidence, he’s proved he’s more than capable. We’re not saying this job is for everyone, but we salute those of you who are willing to go above and beyond to protect the innocent.