WATCH: ‘Tough’ Guy Tries to Lift an INSANE Amount of Weight, Ends up Failing Hilariously Instead

weight fail 01

Let’s get one thing straight. If you are going to attempt an insanely difficult task without having attempted it before, you might not want to record it for everyone to see. Better yet, you might not want to do it in public.

A man has found viral fame after attempting to squat 855 lbs – and failing miserably.

We’re all for dreaming big, but can you at least ATTEMPT to think intelligently? At least put clips on the damn thing. Though honestly, it might have been funnier if he hadn’t – just imagine watching him tumble over with the barbell!

Well, hope you enjoy this as much as I do (I’m still watching this and laughing hysterically as I type). The moral of this lack-of-success story? Make sure your goals are at least slightly realistic, or else you might end up with your face plastered alllll over the internet.