This New Map Reveals The Weird Things Each US State Googles More Than Any Other

A map created by Estately has revealed the weird and wonderful questions googled by each state more than any other.

Some of the oddest queries were asked by Texans who had wanted to know ‘how does sex work’, ‘how to yodel’ and ‘do girls poop?’They were also curious to know ‘Where is the internet?’

Other states had posed rather more insidious questions.

Missourians last year wondered ‘Am I a psycho?’ while anyone planning a trip to Delaware should know that the state searched for ‘how to get away with murder’ more than any other.

weird map 01

The map, created by Estately, was compiled from a list of the most popular questions googled by Americans every year.

They were then broken down by state in a graphic which reveals the differences between citizens of each state.

Some were predictable.

Californians wanted to know if honey was vegan, if bread makes you fat and, of course, where the nearest Starbucks was. Other common questions included ‘am I asexual?’, ‘Is karma real?’ and ‘Is Bernie Sanders a vegan?’

Famously neurotic New Yorkers questions mostly concerned t themselves, such as ‘Am I bisexual?’ ‘Am I an alcoholic?’ and ‘Am I a democrat?’

Other questions were truly bizarre.

Georgians wanted to know, both why their ‘nipples are so sore’ and ‘was Jesus black’? while people in Mississippi were busy googling whether President Obama ‘is the antichrist?’ and wondering if mermaids are real.

Another mythical question was posed by internet users in Tennesse who asked ‘are unicorns real?’. Residents also posed the distinctly less magical question; ‘what is the clap?’

Citizens in Montana, Michigan and New Jersey appeared to be panicked about the presidential election. Montanans googled both ‘How to move to Canada?’ and ‘Is Bernie Sanders out?’, while in Michigan, people wanted to know if Trump is ‘presidential’ and where Canada was.

In New Jersey, they had searched for ‘How to stop Trump?’

Poor Floridians appear to be having a crisis of confidence, searching for both ‘Why are Americans so stupid?’ and ‘ Why does everyone hate Florida?’

Kentuckians googled both ‘what is hemp’ and ‘how to pass a drug test’, while Kansas wanted to know ‘how to make meth.’

Idaho citizens wondered what ‘does Netflix and chill mean’ before asking if the streaming site was down. And Arizona seemed to be having some technical problems too as residents asked ‘Why is my computer so slow?’

While the burning question for people in Wyoming was simply ‘What is Wyoming?’

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.