WikiLeaks Just Released Hacked Voicemails From DNC Officials

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Just hours after declaring this wasn’t the end of leaks that could impact the presidential election — or at least the democratic party, it seems — Julian Assange and WikiLeaks followed through on his statement by publishing hacked voicemails of top democratic officials.

The leaked recordings, 29 of them in total, are identified by phone number and total approximately 14 minutes (combined).

The latest release came in the middle of the Democratic National Convention, just 24 hours after Clinton officially became the nation’s first female nominee from a major party. It’s also the second in a batch of “more” DNC leaks that Assange told CNN he could release in the coming days.

While the information contained on the recorded voicemails appears to be more of the same that we saw during last week’s email hack, it does further implicate party leaders in colluding against Sanders to secure the democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton.

There’s nothing mind-blowing contained in the 14 minutes of calls, but it does show Assange may indeed have more to leak in the coming days that could damage the democratic party, or otherwise impact the election. We’ll be waiting.

This article originally appeared on The Next Web.


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