Woman Accidentally Makes Kitchen Explode After Not Paying Attention While Texting

You’ve been told not text and drive so many times that they’ve banned it completely. Unfortunately, it looks like walking and texting is up next.

A woman accidentally set fire to a restaurant after texting and walking through to the back of the store. This woman was too busy texting to notice the gas canister she bumped into causing smoke to spew out from and soon after igniting the whole kitchen in one giant fire ball.

We don’t know anywhere more dangerous to not watch where you are walking than inside a Chinese restaurant (with the exception of maybe a construction zone or through a mafia den). The kicker is how she realizes what she’s done, but just keeps walking anyway. Might as well let someone else clean up her dirty work.

Here’s the video. See for yourself just how ridiculous this is.

And please, no walking and texting. You don’t want that to get banned too.