Woman Complains About Shopping Trip Being Ruined By Nice Attack On Television

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A British woman has claimed her shopping trip to Nice was ‘spoiled’ when a terrorist gunman killed 84 people and seriously injured 50 more after he drove a 25-ton truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day.

The tourist, named as Lucy Nesbitt-Comaskey, told Sky News: ‘Maybe this is awful and maybe a bit selfish but it did spoil our shopping trip.

‘We bought all this lovely shopping and now I can’t be bothered with it. It doesn’t mean anything now,’ she said.

On Friday morning, Nesbitt-Comaskey issued a grovelling apology for her remarks via Facebook. She claimed that she was understandably ‘in shock’ at the time after witnessing the horrific events and misspoke while speaking to journalists.

‘My sincere condolences to the French people who have lost their loved one’s today in Nice.

‘I’m deeply sorry if my interview with Sky News sounded uncompassionate. I was totally distressed and shocked. My words came out wrong. Once again sorry,’ she said.

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Nesbitt-Comaskey was planning to go to the fireworks display on the promenade but had stopped to find a toilet on the way when the horror broke out.

She said restaurants along the promenade urged everyone to come inside.

‘I said to my friend “This doesn’t sound like fireworks, it sounds like Beirut when it’s under fire”,’ she recalled.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.