Woman Fired and Thrown in Jail for 20 Years After What She Was Caught Doing on Surveillance Tapes

If you if have a problem with your boss, the best things to do would probably be either talking to your employer about your grievances or quitting your job. One employee probably never heard this though, and instead tried to murder him.

A Walmart optometry center employee, Femesha Foster, was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for slipping rat poison into her boss’s Dr. Pepper. Mark Caruso, the poisoned employer in question, was very fortunate for two things: the first is that he noticed something off about his drink before sipping even more of it, the second was that he had installed security cameras above his desk.

Apparently, Foster had been forging checks from Caruso in order to give herself a little more pay. When it seemed like Caruso was catching on, Foster decided to carry out the poisoning inspired by the Dolly Parton filmĀ Nine to Five, in which Parton slips enough poison into her boss’s drink to make him sick, but not to kill him.

After standing trial, Foster was convicted with up to 20 years in prison for the poisoning. She should consider herself lucky as well; she was originally charged with attempted murder, but after citing the movie as her inspiration and her lack of desire to actually kill her employer, she was found not guilty.