Woman Gets Revenge on Cheating Husband’s Mistress With This BRUTAL Letter And Where She Left It

to the husband 2

Let’s get one thing straight: cheating is never okay.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to cut corners at your business, copy answers on a test, or stiffing your waiter on the tip, cheating sucks. But arguably, the worst kind of cheating to encounter is when it comes to relationships. It’s hurtful, deceitful, and can break a person’s trust so badly that they never recover.

One woman whose husband was cheating on her found him out when she saw two missed calls on his phone. On further investigation, she discovered – thanks to multiple phone calls, emails and text messages – that he was having an affair.

Furious, she got in touch with the mistress. Rather than show contrition, the mistress was only too happy to reveal all on their sordid affair, even ‘boasting’ about what had happened between them in intimate detail.

In revenge, the wife wrote a note exposing the affair and posted copies of it through the letterboxes of the mistress’s neighbours – one of whom happened to be 22-year-old Georgia. Georgia (pictured above) says the note was addressed to the mistress’ husband and disclosed every piece of information she had on the affair.

(Names have been removed on legal grounds)

to the husband 1

Georgia was bewildered as to why she had received the note.

‘I was so shocked when I received it. Then I went outside to see which house it was supposed to go to I saw a few of the other neighbors standing outside too. I believe the whole street had received the letter in order for us to pass it on to the husband rather than her posting it through their door in case the wife got her hands on it.

‘At the same time, it humiliates her to her neighbours too.’

Georgia currently has no idea whether the husband of the mistress received the letter.

‘I believe he still doesn’t know,’ Georgia said. ‘She [the mistress] stood outside her house and a few neighbors were passing her the letter instead.’

We hope this is the last Georgia has to hear of the situation – as she’s only actually just moved on to the street where the letter was delivered.

Talk about drama.

This article originally appeared on Metro.co.uk.