Woman is Getting Free Pizza for a Year After She Found a HUGE Wad of Cash In Her Chicken Wings

dominos money

A woman in San Jose, California has been given free pizza for a year after she found cash totaling almost $5,000 inside of a box she had received from Domino’s Pizza.¬†Yes, this sounds like one of those headlines you see on the tabloids in the checkout aisle next to the story about the three headed cow from space. No, we didn’t make this up.

Selena Avalos, a manager at Spacetel Wireless, had ordered chicken wings from her local Domino’s for lunch one day. After paying for the order, she realized the box was a breadsticks box instead of one for chicken wings. She opened the box to see a different type of dough – a large wad of $1, $5, $20 and $100 bills wrapped up in rubber bands.

An honest consumer, Avalos called the franchise in an attempt to get in contact with the manager. Surprisingly, nobody got in touch with her. Even after calling back every day for 3 days, she heard nothing.

Instead, she decided to call ABC News, who came to document the evidence inside the Domino’s boxes. After filming the segment, they helped her get in touch with Domino’s Pizza’s corporate office, who were much more interested in hearing about the money than the single franchise clearly was.

As a reward, Domino’s is giving Avalos free pizza for a year. Her own employer appreciated her honesty, too – they’ve given her a week off without pay. It’s not $5,000, but all of that most likely totals up to at least $3,000 – not bad at all for doing the right thing.

It’s unknown what the money was for. While Avalos had thought it was supposed to go to the bank, we suspect she would have been contacted immediately about it from her local franchise. It’s much more likely that a delivery driver was up to some nefarious business while out delivering pizza. You can’t live on a delivery boy wage, after all.