Woman Sues Husband for Domestic Abuse After Divorce, But Secret Video Tells A Very Different Story

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Relationships end sometimes – and they don’t always end on good terms. Mary Hunt and Scot Mitchell were engaged to be married but Hunt called off the wedding. Now, their bitter split is playing out in the news and even in court as a result of the serious accusations each side is leveling against the other.

After their break-up, Mitchell accused Hunt of stealing around $2 million worth of jewelry from the Florida home they shared and mailing it to her parents who live in Virginia. Hunt denies that she took this jewelry, saying she only mailed her personal items to her family after Mitchell kicked her out. Her forced eviction from Mitchell’s home was filmed on a smartphone and the footage from this incident has been entered into evidence for the on-going court case.

This video shows Mitchell kicking Hunt out of his home, tearing up her clothes, and charging at her. She is heard telling him to stop being violent. Hunt says this video is typical of Mitchell’s domineering and violent behavior. She has accused him of assault.

Mitchell has denied all of this.  However, in an interesting turn of events, his lawyer has released a video reportedly showing Hunt attacking herself. This is important because Hunt claimed that she had a black eye as a result of Mitchell’s violence. This video is from surveillance installed at Mitchell’s home and has now been made public.

This is certainly a disturbing video. Mitchell’s lawyers say that this proves how Hunt really got her black eye and other injuries while Hunt maintains that she has been set up. She insists that the cameras in Mitchell’s high tech home would have captured her stealing the jewelry if she really did. As far as we know, there is no footage showing her taking the jewelry.

Some people say there are three sides to every story – his side, her side and the truth. As their personal drama is played out in court, the truth about Hunt and Mitchell’s relationship is bound to come out soon. Hopefully things won’t get too ugly before it does.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.