Woman Throws a Brutal Punch At Her Neighbor, Instantly Regrets It

Even if you’re not a resident, you’ve probably heard about the problems in Florida. No, it’s not anything the state’s government is doing, it’s literally just the people. Whether they are eating off people’s faces, doing meth and jumping naked off of roofs, or dressing up as clowns and scaring the living daylights out of people, Floridians are clearly a very different bunch from the rest of the 49 states. As a Florida resident myself, I can confirm.

This video is right up there with all of the Floridian nonsense, but there’s also a moral – do unto thine neighbor as they would do unto you. If you are going to throw a punch at them, don’t be surprised when they punch back. And don’t stop punching.

The clip below, which reportedly shows Florida resident Amber Cook fighting a woman identified as her neighbor, has been retweeted nearly 15,000 times and has earned thousands more retweets on other accounts. Love your neighbor, people!