Woman Who Was Flat Out Rejected from X-Factor Has Become a Millionaire

Meet Chloe Khan. If you’re a fan of reality singing shows, you probably remember her from her disaster of an audition on the British show X-Factor. If not, you’ll definitely want to watch it below – it’ll make the news I’m about to tell you a lot more ridiculous.

Khan appeared on the show under the name Chloe Victoria back in 2010. She got disqualified from the show after her lackluster voice and attitude caused judges to question her commitment. It’s not even that she was a bad singer- she was just drastically under-prepared for her audition. When asked if she was working, she told the judges “No, but if I become a pop star then I should be alright.” Yeah, that’ll make you a star alright.

Here’s the audition below. Skip ahead to 1:06 to see her talk with the judges and skip to 2:40 if you just want to hear her trainwreck of an audition.

I apologize that you had to see that.

After her audition, Khan became a focal point for British media. Her outrageous behavior had her landing in tabloids left and right as people tried to capitalize on her new found “fame”, with people even saying she had worked as an escort.

Now, however, things have changed drastically. Khan has gone from being a washed up non-star to actually achieve her dream – being rich. Khan is now a millionaire after having founded her own web cam company. She has since moved to LA and begun dating Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray, one of the richest men in the adult entertainment industry. The two have since broken up, but Khan doesn’t seem to be too upset about it. She’s got here millions to keep her warm at night. Here’s a clip of how she’s doing now: